Songs to Keep You Company When You’re Hiding From the Snow

Remember when we were in our teens and made mixed CDs with all our favorite songs on them? I would write with a Sharpie marker all the bands I masterfully mixed up (basically every Top 40 song you could think of) directly on the CD in my coolest handwriting at the time.

Even though that was such a dorky, exciting thing to do — Hold on, guys! One more song needs to “burn” before we can go! — I still believe music makes a situation that much more meaningful and memorable. I swear it’s what gets me crying in every movie trailer.

My Spotify account hosts an endless amount of playlists, each with songs that have been perfectly crafted to set a specific mood. Each week, I’ll release a playlist to coincide with a different situation in hopes to get everyone feeling some good jams — that go way beyond Top 40.

For when you are wearing a sweater and drinking tea you’ve had to heat up three times because you keep forgetting about it:


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