How Lavender Oil Has Become My Secret Beauty Weapon

My mom has been a big proponent of Young Living oils for years now. She is always trying to get me to try a new one every time I visit home in Michigan. When I was home for Christmas, I walked into my childhood bedroom, and a whole nightstand is now dedicated to them.

Personally, I’m not fully aboard the oil bandwagon yet (sorry, mom!), but there’s one in particular that I will never let myself run out of, and that is lavender.

I’ve always liked the smell of lavender candles and now I like what the essential oil version does even more. Not only does a few dabs of it under your nose help you sleep better, it almost instantly clears up a breakout, even for people who have sensitive skin (hello!).

Next time you wake up with a giant blemish, put a drop or two (that’s it!) directly onto it and let it soak in. I promise in hours it will be gone or at least take down the redness — even for those feisty ones that just don’t want to give up. This is also a great trick for people who tend to break out on their backs or chests in the summer or from working out. After showering, put some in your palm and rub wherever you need it.

The best time to apply is before bed — you’ll get both benefits of sleeping better and waking up with a clearer face.

Get your own bottle (that will last you forever) here.


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