Travel Guide: The Best Places to Eat in Denver & Boulder

I traveled to Colorado for the first time last month and most of the trip consisted of eating and drinking — as any vacation should.

If you’re planning a trip out to Denver or Boulder in the coming months, these are a few of the places I’d highly suggest after our Colorado tour guide showed us around (thanks Brody!).

Best Breakfast Spot:
Snooze in downtown Denver

Not only do they offer six different types of Eggs Benedict (aka heaven), they also serve pancake flights — for those times when you just can’t decide. Because I wanted the classic style, I ordered the Ham Benedict III and tried a sip of my friend’s Brewmosa, which was made with craft wheat beer & fresh OJ — sounds weird, but so refreshing. I was so full halfway through my meal but I powered through like a champ because a part of me realized I will never enjoy food THIS good again until I’m back in Denver in August.

Best Lunch Spot:
Snarf’s in downtown Boulder

I almost ordered a salad here and I’m so glad I decided to instead go for what they’re known for — delicious sandwiches. There’s just something about the crusty, toasted bread and the perfect amount of meat, cheese and veggies that makes these sandwiches SO good. Highly recommend getting the Turkey and Swiss or French Dip!

Best Dinner Spot:
Osaka Ramen in RiNo (neighborhood of Denver)

Our friend who lives in Colorado was really talking up this ramen place and my expectations weren’t very high since every time I’ve had ramen, I wasn’t very impressed. Now if I had one meal left on Earth, I might fly to Denver and order everything in the picture below x2. We ordered the Chicken Kara Age (citrus-shoyu marinated fried chicken, ginger, garlic, scallion, spicy mayo), Chicken Ramen (chicken broth, japanese sea salt, dashi, garlic spinach braised chicken, scallions, soft egg) and Bacon Fried Rice (Japanese rice, bacon, seasonal vegetables, shoyu, scallions, soft egg).


Best Dessert Spot:
High Point Creamery  in RiNo (neighborhood of Denver)

We went to the shop (owned by a local couple) located in the Denver Central Market. They have all sorts of unique flavors like Basil with Blackberry Swirl and Chamomile w/ Strawberry Swirl. Since we couldn’t pick just one, we went for the six-scoop flight and caramel sauce on the side.


Where are your favorite places to eat in Colorado? I’m going back in August for the Head and the Heart concert and I will add your suggestions to my list!


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