Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Can we first talk about how jealous I was of all of Annie’s clothes in the Parent Trap? Also, Natasha Richardson was a goddess in this movie.

Anyway — I usually try to be pretty good about getting gifts in advance, but sometimes these holidays just sneak up on you. For me, there’s always so much pressure to get the perfect gift that actually means something. But when it comes down to the wire, thoughtful and practical work best.

If you have yet to buy your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, here are my top suggestions that won’t put you in a panic not knowing if it will ship in time:

For the mom who asks “how does this thing work?”:

We love our Alexa Tap — mostly because she tells us the weather every morning and the latest news. I think she actually anticipates us saying “weather” after we wake her up by saying “Alexa.” But it always helps with a million other things — setting a timer, playing music on Spotify and buying things you don’t need — all hands-free! The Alexa Tap also lets you say commands out loud now without tapping it first — game changer!

Fitbit Alta, $129: Because who doesn’t love counting their steps? The sleek bracelet can also track your sleep, alert you about your calls/texts and remind you to move.

For the mom who has better style than you:

I believe nothing is better than a new pair of pajamas — even if you already own a million pairs. Target always wins the PJ game and this pair is probably the softest I’ve ever owned. Plus they are a total replica of these Eberjey PJs but at a quarter of the cost.

A new season is just another excuse to buy more shoes. I love how fun these sandals are and again, how much less expensive they are compared to designer pairs.


If your mom hates her toes, here’s another option — Allbirds tennis shoes. They became all the rage around Christmas time and they just came out with a new slip-on pair. Made with wool they are super soft, breathable and minimize odor. I got them for my mom for Christmas and she loves them!

For the mom who makes the best home-cooked meals:

Did you know you can now get a Nutribullet that spiralizes your veggies? I was completely amazed when I found out — and I’m sure you mom will be too. Say goodbye to hand-spiralizing on those stands that are so hard to clean. Veggie Bullet, $150.

I don’t know much about Jessica Seinfeld other than her new cookbook, Food Swings, is full of a bunch of delicious-sounding recipes I want to try at home. The concept is “virtue” versus “vice” so there’s a little bit of healthy and a little bit of indulgence — who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

These recipe cards are so adorable — and hopefully it means one day they will be passed down to you. 

For the mom who likes to treat herself:

ClassPass MembershipYou can pay for an entire month ($75 for 5 classes) and get a membership for yourself too if you don’t already have one. Tag teaming group fitness classes is soooo much better than going solo. Plus it’ll give you more bonding time with your momma.

I was gifted a Heyday Facial for Christmas and it was one of the best gifts I’ve received. The estheticians really listen to what you want and work with your skin type. This is another gift you could double up and make a girls’ day out of it.

And when all else fails, a funny card from the heart should do the trick:

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.45.26 PM.png


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